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fuso got it fixed real quick, something was out of alignment on the front of the engine causing it to burn the oil off. all is well now and have no complaints. as for which truck we like better it depends on what we're doing. the crewcab isuzu we bought used from SLT has the spilt ramp and it's used by my main installation crew. It works great, we love the space and regularly haul plant material and all our tools, it's nice not having the dovetail because the flat floor gives more useable space. also the side door is very useful for loading heavy object to the front of the truck on sites where we don't have our tele handler. just today we set 3 B&B arborvitae through the front door. The mitfuso is for my maint crew and the eco body is clearly the way to go for mowing crews that will be making multiple stops its so quick.
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