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Well, I checked the place out this morning. It was a mess...doesn't look like it's been touched in 6 to 8 weeks, maybe more. Long grass, sticks all over and tons of wet leaves.

It turns out that a friend of mine has been servicing it. He really isn't very good about returning calls, which is their biggest problem with him...he doesn't return mine either, so I didn't bother to call him, lol. He works a full time day job and doesn't get out until 3:30, so that doesn't leave him much daylight this time of year.

I set my son up with the job working for the customer directly but with a little help and guidance from me. I'll have to do the mowing part, but otherwise it's mostly just picking up sticks and blowing....lots of blowing....but plenty of woods to loose the leaves and downed branches in.

I would never let one of my accounts get as bad as this place is. My friend very well may have a good reason for blowing them off, but letting the place get as bad as it is and not calling them back isn't really good business.
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