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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
How large is the battery? Is it the largest group size available for your truck?
Stock No idea... Never upgraded though
Generator output? What amp rating do you have now? What amp ratings are there available as options for your truck?
No idea...havent looked
What condition are your battery cables?
Good? Its brand new. Truck is a Year old
What gauge wire was used to carry the power for the insert?
What ever was supplied from truckcraft. Pretty thick.
How long are those power cables?
Maybe 7' just from the insert to the battery.

Combination length and gauge can cause excessive amperage draw causing relays and breakers to trip.

Company that did install uses light gauge wires to save money?

All these things can cause a system wide voltage drop when the insert is used causing relays to trip and trouble codes to be set.

Sounds like i have some work to to tomorrow. Thanks
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