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Originally Posted by DiyDave View Post
Somewhere out there, is a video floating of the power of blowers, measured by a ball floating in a tube, which shows that of which I speak. I don't want to spend the time to prove a pyrrhic point, so believe what you want. I retired my backpack blower, after not using it for 2 years after I first bought the stihl Kombi. Doesn't make a whit of difference what anybody else uses, I' ll stick with the non-sore shoulders, and the Stihl!
ok you stick with your non sore shoulders and underpowered stihl kombi blower and I'll stick with my powerful non sore shoulders br600 magnum stihl blower.

also I'll be here when your ready to take this oh so awesome blower and start at the edge of my backyard and blow all the leaves to the curb just past my front yard with out using anything but the kombi blower.
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