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Originally Posted by easy-lift guy View Post
You may discover pulling a trailer with that truck a challenge, especially if your not skilled with the use of your side view mirrors. A rear video cam might be a good investment in lieu of no rear view mirror.
easy-lift guy
Pulling any type of trailer is no challenge for. I actually drive better pulling a trailer. I used to drive firetrucks for a living and drove big rigs hauling heavy equipment in the Army. Im a master at using my side mirrors, since my big transfer tank in the bed of my dually blocks most of the view from my rearview mirror. Plus over the next year im moving my business 45mins away from where i am now. So it would be nice to have rhe box truck to commute with to mow out there instead of dragging a trailer on the interstate. I guess ive convinced myself i its time for a dedicated mowing truck.
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