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I love my Walker, I have a 2012 52" GHS with the 26 hp Kohler EFI. It has been like adding another man when doing clean-ups!.........except when I hit a rock yesterday Didn't shear the pin in the drive shaft like it should have, instead it broke the bolts on the blades, spun them around and got them wedged against the inside of the deck! I had to cut the tips off with a grinder. It loosened up all the bolts on the cross tubes to the gear boxes and was leaking gear oil all over the deck. I had to pull the whole assembly off, take all the bolts off and add longer ones on the bottom because it stripped out the bottoms bolts on the cross tubes, re gasket them and then put it all back together
Moral to the story......Walkers are unbelievable for doing fall clean-ups in the Northeast, you just need to make sure you don't hit any rocks
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