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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
Have you operated a Walker before? I honestly couldn't imagine mowing a cemetery with a grasshopper. Not only that, I had to google them because I have only seen one in my area and I wasn't clear on what they looked like. I'm sure the Grasshopper has its place, but that place isn't on one of my trailers.
understandable, grasshopper is made in KS, might be why they aren't as popular in the fact, i think walker was invented in KS, or the owner/innovator was from KS, something along those lines...walkers are great mowers but so are grasshoppers...i did a little research on both last winter and overall felt the grasshopper was the better decision, mainly because the dealer is in also seems that walkers are slower, much more expensive, and i can't see a hands down reason why it is better than a grasshopper
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