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Originally Posted by CLS_Birmingham View Post
So leaf season has been very generous to me this year. Thanks to a few cleanups, we now have several new clients. So now I've got to start planning for next year on what new mower I'm gonna buy.

I already own a John Deere Z-Trak, but due to the hills on some of these yards, the Z-Trak isn't gonna work. I need something that can handle inclines extremely well without leaving lines where the deck has dug into the turf.

So whats everyone's suggestion on what to buy??
If I can't put a stander on it, I won't take the account. I only had one last season I had to turn away, for that reason, but it was on the side of a mountain even the 21" was a ***** to use it was so steep, I gave it one cut then gave a price for pushing the entire yard, of course he said no way! He's going to regret buying that house LOL!

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