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Your warranty point is interesting because up to now we all assume that these either integrated LED fixtures or LED drop-in lamps are going to be used in the typical average 6 hours per day operation in someone's landscape or outdoor environment.


Let me introduce a very different viewpoint.

I have been working on project leads involving several major Las Vegas casinos where the Brilliance products are under review for usage. Some of the applications are indeed outdoor, running from dusk to dawn. But many are indoor location applications. We all know that casinos are typically dark places and require light 24/7, often running dimmed all the time.

In this type of use, do the math of always on and you will see that the LED lamps, 120v or low voltage, will burn through that magical 50,000hr life in less than 5 years. So when Brilliance puts a 5-year warranty on the product, they do so with the knowledge that they do not control the place of usage or run time. Once the product leaves the distributor's counter, the clock is ticking.

In a landscape lighting application of 6 hrs per night, your clients get approx 22 years of service. Combine a high quality LED with a 5-year warranty and great electrical energy savings. And a cost savings of 30-35% using a Brilliance LED lamp with standard fixtures over the integrated LED fixtures.

It's great if the client's budget allows taking out the old and putting in all new LED fixtures, but if that's not possible, the quality drop-ins are a solid choice for you and your client.

Sorry this was long.
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