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We run Red Max 8500 abd Stihl 600 blowers to get the structures blown out and the piles started. I have 3' x 6" leaf plows made from 3/4 treated plywood with aluminum curved side pieces so the pile wont slide off the sides. We push all the leaves to the closest pavement and vac into the dump truck. Lesco loader with 10" hose and 16 vanguard. We run a crew of 3 or 4 as a prep crew getting leaves in place to be loaded, and the vac truck crew chases and makes stops along the way for clients that clean their own leaves and put them on the curb for us to collect. We are getting to the point the vac truck can't keep up. We are a day behind the prep crew on collections now. I am considering another skid mount loader for the other truck, or possibly getting a larger trailer mounted unit to speed up the process. Any thoughts?
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