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Originally Posted by J & D Greens View Post
I do gutters also, but I use a hand held blower instead of a back pack, I feel it is a lot safer. I also ground a special scraper that threads into a paint extension so I can get to the grim a little easier. The other thing I use is a plumbers hand held rotor rooter to clear those spoutsí that are to clogged to just blow clear. I have one customer that has a tile roof that I can't get up on so I have to go around the entire house with a ladder (a real pain).

Nice work. I like your set-up. I just can't see me spending that much on a stander. It is less expensive to buy and maintain if I stick to walk-behinds. Hope you are very successful. David
i have a wb mower too u gotta start there its much better for the money but much more work if u used a stander it i dont evene feel like im workin
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