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I agree with most everything Steve said as well. The only part I differ with is that a drop in LED would really really last 22 years in a fixture that wasn't really designed to dissipate heat very well and prevent water/moisture intrusion for 22 years. That's the only part I question.

I fully agree with you on this point:

Originally Posted by Steve Atkinson View Post
It's great if the client's budget allows taking out the old and putting in all new LED fixtures, but if that's not possible, the quality drop-ins are a solid choice for you and your client.
I think there are two markets. One for brand new systems or total system replacements using integrated LED fixtures. And another market for people who don't want to replace their existing system. They're just getting tired of changing bulbs every 6 months and they don't want to spring for a whole new system. I serve both of those markets. We do a lot of new installs with integrated LED fixtures and we do a fair amount of retrofits with drop-in LED lamps as well. I don't see those two markets overlapping too much. So for the latter market, I really like products like those that Brilliance make. I'd probably like the illumicare stuff as well. But I've never seen that in any of the distributors in my area and haven't really needed to shop around too much anyway. Brilliance has met my needs for the most part there anyway.

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