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Originally Posted by iand View Post
i would feel sorry for most of my clients if i closed up and stopped mowing,i mean why wouldn't i feel sorry for them I'm forcing them to get someone who simply isn't as good to do their work
you really have that big of a head???

it's one thing to be proud of your work but another to think you are the absolute best.

sure I think I do a good job but I realize there are guys out there who do a little bit better job and there are guys out there who do a worse job.

I'm surprised at how many develop more than a business relationship with there clients.

90% of my clients I've either never met or only met once for the estimate. most communication happens either by email or messages left on the phone. we aren't buddys. I come, do my work and leave. at the end of the month they receive an invoice and send payment in the mail. end of relationship.

there is nothing in the business relationship about servicing there property for life. your aren't marring them.

to each there own I guess.
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