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It was a great season. Definitely my busiest and most profitable to date. I learned a lot, made some minor mistakes but had a lot of fun. I've pretty much wrapped up the work for the year. I have to go service another one of our commercial locations (a bank) once again because the maples are refusing to drop their leaves! Other than that, I've been busy working on equipment and getting things stored for winter. That 14ft trailer i bought back in august (2007 big tex) had more problems than i thought. As i mentioned above, the guy who had it previous beat the crap out of it!

I fixed the broken hinge on the tail gate, the bracket on the rear axle that secure the axle t the frame was snapped!! I had it re-welded. I've never seen brakes magnets warp like the ones on this trailer (hard to describe). Anyhow I've fixed all the above mentioned problems and even re-wired the whole thing (along with my 12ft trailer) and the wiring job was, to say the least...horrible. So she is in pretty good condition now, I feel much more comfortable using it.

That's about it. BTW i highly recommend great company.
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