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I know you need a ride but why not sell your truck yourself if you think it's worth more. When buying and trading it's all one big pot of money. They can play it any way the want. More for your trade, sell the truck for less..... I'm not sure how you approached the sale but you need to have a number to give them. Such as "with my trade and the sale I'd like the final price to be at $XX,XXX". Shoot low so they can counter and see what happens. That way they know where you're at. But don't give them the "comfortable payment". When I got my truck that's how I did it and the sales manager was less than friendly too. I said this is the price I want with trade (and I still owed on my truck). They said they could and I'm sure they made money. Good for them they're supposed to. Remember if you sell something yourself no one will agree with your price.

Also I've seen private sellers selling 03 F150 SuperCab XLT 4x4's with similar mileage for $4000 or less. And not rot boxes either. So the trade isnt that far off. It's almost a 10 year old truck that will more than likely but pushed through auction. Them or any dealer has ZERO interest in that truck in terms of selling it on their lot.

Make them an offer they can, yes can, refuse. BUT.....if you want a vehicle you have to move on it. That's why you need to have a number to give and not just one you pull out of the top of your head.
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