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Originally Posted by DannyLot View Post
Ok so this spring I want to start up my lawn care service. I have exp. in this industry used to lasts cape a few years back, and I used to own a service business that I sold so I have exp in general business.
My good friend started a lawn care company last year and wants me to join with him. He has a good solid 30 accounts an is growing.
He spent around 15-20k startup and I was gonna spend the same. He is more of a "worker" an not a busines man. And I'm really good an running and growing a business so he figures my skills would help him grow an we would split everything 5050 since I will spend the same amount startup even though he is already established.
What are the pros an cons of joining him? Just seems complicated to do, to Goto a lawyer an legalize us being partners an figureing this all out. Is there a way I can start my own company some how with my own business name an just kind of be some kind of sister company? Like being partners but not really I knows his sounds complicated but maybe somone here understand what I'm tryn to say !
Although a lot of businesses have partnerships and everything works fine, I would suggest not to join up. Yes it seems the best thing to do initially, especially because he already has customers. But you need to look ahead 5-10 years down the road. Could you be further along with someone else, or by yourself? Remember, you'll be splitting profits 50-50.

Also, with management styles will that create a conflict. I know guys that I could have partnered with in the past but I chose not to because of our different approaches to running a business and managing employees. The last thing you want to do is grow a business with someone else and conflicts arise that cause tension in your friendship and business. The result is you two splitting up your customers, and be sure that if your customers come to find out you could easily lose some to this; not saying it's definitive but it definitely happens.
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