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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
I really try to avoid what I view as subjective reviews, especially pertaining to visual design, so if you would like feedback on this, just let me know. If not, I'll stick to the content/code/seo. I tend to write these as I first view them, so I'll be circling back to add to some of the sections as I find related issues elsewhere. Hopefully it maintains some semblance of logic... lol


- Bordering on the subjective, but I think you burn a lot of calories using the "LLC" in every instance of your name. Areas where it isn't helping you are your H1 tags on each page. Also related to the H1s, every page has your business name as the H1. Your logo, directly above this, tells me who you are. If it's a matter of working in your service area, it's doable other ways. You'll see more benefit from that tag if you use it to focus on your core content of each page. This goes for all pages, but I'll use your Aeration page as an example:

<H1>: GrassMasters, LLC in Wilson, North Carolina
<H2>: Services
<H3>: Aeration

The most important aspect of that page is Aeration, which if going by H tags in their strictest sense, has been made the 3rd most important aspect. Re: the H2 tag, if you keep it in that format, I would expand it to something more beneficial to search and make it Lawn Services. If I were doing this, I would lose the H1 content and move the other two up a slot.

- Aeration page (and maybe others?), the slide show is set up with link tags, but there are no links. This becomes a seemingly interactive/clickable element, but only submits to itself. Just strip out the href instances.

- Content-wise, you can easily go deeper and more educationally descriptive for your customers (and search engines). Again, using Aeration, that could easily be beefed up, as well as some nice, internal links added to your other pages (read: not just linked via the menu) such as your Seeding page. You reference it in your copy, so you'd benefit from linking to it as well. It gives search some logical content depth to crawl and gives your customers an easier path to educate (read: market to) themselves.

Now that I've looked deeper at Aeration, when it comes to content addition, I really think customer education of the process would probably be a good idea. If I'm Joe Homeowner, going by the pictures of your work you're presenting me, and no supporting content, it looks like you're proposing to come to my home and lay waste to my lawn with a .50 cal machine gun. lol When can I reasonably expect to have my lawn returning to shape and showing the benefits?

Looking at the Maintenance page, the same applies. Create an educational/marketing path to lead the customers to those specific sub-pages you have.

- Pictures could you some work. The Aeration illustration is grainy, and some of the others could have some color balancing and touch-ups.

Throughout your site, use descriptive text for your image alt tags. Same with your portfolio images. Search engines currently view your gallery as nothing but nameless pictures. Search loves contextualized images. You've got really nice photography. Short of some color/brightness/contrast correction, you're way ahead of the norm. Just tell the visitor (and search) what they're looking at.

- Logo: I would break that out from your background image, add an alt tag to it letting search know the name/city of your business. This gets you out of the H1 rut as well.

- Billing probably should be broken out from the Services sub-listing.

-The Usual SEO:

- Meta Descriptions: I'd get a bit more flexible. Looks like your standard convention is to use the same text for each, with the lead keyword being the only difference. You have plenty of room to double the length of those with useful info.

- Page Titles: Some of your page titles get too long and look to use a navigational breadcrumb approach. You don't need to use your business name in every title. As an example, this is a counterproductive instance of a page title:
GrassMasters, LLC - Lawn Care Wilson, North Carolina (NC) » Services » Weed Control and Fertilization » Bermuda (Warm Season Grass)
- Location-based info: Work in your target town/suburb names where you can. Beyond doing it in the content, another easy way is to use the image Alt tags. I'd also put your contact info/address in the footer or header of each page. This is another way to minimize the H1 usage and is more natural.

- Very nice job on the Google+ page. You're a great example of exactly how much emphasis G is placing on this. When I search "lawn care wilson nc", your G+ page is the first result, showcased even as the 7 pack of local results are you at #1, then two organic results, and then the remaining 6 local pages. Just don't let your competition find out...

- If you haven't done Bing/Yahoo/HotFrog/YP/localeze, etc, create those free listings. One major issue to be aware of is I see two distinctly different addresses for your business. One is your PO box on your home page, the other is (what I assume is) your home address. I see that actual street address on all references to your business, but your web site only references the less desirable PO box. Your various links can, and likely are, viewed as a distinctly different business from your web site. You want (have) to be consistent with your name, address, and phone, otherwise known as NAP.

- If you're not using Google's Webmaster Tools, and Bing's, set up accounts and utilize those. I'm not seeing an xml sitemap, so that would be a nice addition.

- Generate and add geolocation meta tags to your header. This will further negate the H1 tag issue.

All I can think of for now. If I think of something else, I'll hop back on. As always, yell with any questions.

I won't even try to act like I know what you're talking about, in completion anyways. But I understand the necessity of proper H tags and code work and seo, beyond that, is the visual presentation almost as important?

I mean, I understand that without the proper tags, code, etc, you'll never be on the first page of google and the chances of your potential customers finding you is slim. Beyond that is visual presentation significant? On a scale of 1-10 where you would place it?

I know this isn't my thread but I'm interested in this very much.

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