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Originally Posted by newguy123 View Post
I won't even try to act like I know what you're talking about, in completion anyways. But I understand the necessity of proper H tags and code work and seo, beyond that, is the visual presentation almost as important?

I mean, I understand that without the proper tags, code, etc, you'll never be on the first page of google and the chances of your potential customers finding you is slim. Beyond that is visual presentation significant? On a scale of 1-10 where you would place it?

I know this isn't my thread but I'm interested in this very much.

No worries on this not being your thread (although a little less liberal use of the quote button might help ), as your question is well within the boundaries of the topic. My goal is to for these reviews to be educational archives for the next new member and to create discussion points and sharing.

To answer your question, yes, visual presentation is important, but it really is a subjective area and I tend to avoid it because it's one of those areas that DIYers will just not be good at, people get their feelings hurt because they gave it an effort that is to the best of their abilities, and one that works for their budget, or lack thereof. Now, if someone paid to have a site done that graphically is a train wreck, I will readily point that out. I'm amazed at the number of reviews I've done where a flat color logo is blown up by a "web designer" and saved as a dithered mess of a .jpg. That's the face of your company and a shoddy guy/company destroyed your image from the first impression. Same goes for lawn photos that are saved as .gifs.

That said, to me, there is nothing more important than a professional, cohesive image that begins with your logo and flows through the rest of your marketing/branding materials.

At face value, visual doesn't impact rank**, it may or may not impact the customer decision process (see any "cheap flyers vs. expensive, 4-color postcards" conversion discussion), and people would quickly tire of me pointing out that not every lawn company needs to be colored green, have grass backgrounds, grass borders, green logos on top of green backgrounds, etc. The customers know what you do. Live a little... lol

**This could come in to play with bounce rate, which google may or may not factor into their algorithm. I think they do, but would bounce rate for a locally-focused service business see much of an impact? I don't think it's worth losing sleep over.
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