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Originally Posted by BigTrucks4Life View Post
I started cutting for the first time this past september and currently have a few bi weekly customers. I have all brand new equipment that I have made my money back on besides my walk behind which I bought used. It is a toro pro line 36 inch that cuts decent but is just an old mower I bought cheap. My question is what the risk of buying a new ztr without having the customers for sure. I tested a 48in scag turf tiger and msrp is 6400 right now. With just my current few yards i will make 2475 with just 15 weeks of regular maintenance on them. What is the average rate of new yards picked up or is just how much you advertise. I want to buy a top of the line commercial mower so I can be as competitive as my competition. Any input on people who have taken chances in this similar situations would be great thanks.
I had a boss tell me one time he liked it when people started familys or bought a new house or car... it made them work harder because they know they have to pay something more now per month... for $4500 you could get a near new mower off CL with under 200 hours... still have plenty of warranty and you dont get the depreciation... buying mowers is like buying cars... buy new well the first cut just lost you 20% of what its worth... that's just my opinion and i know others disagree but hey to each is his own... i'd rather buy the demo mower or somebody that went under vs brand new... but then again i bought a brand new grandstand ha... I took the chance when i first started out in 2008 had everything paid for except my truck (which after 1 year i paid off) ... so i got a job in the winter of 2009 working for a lawn and garden shop but i got 15% off all equipment... well toro's grandstand model was on sale plus my employee discount.. so i bought it because used was actually more than i paid for that one... so i took the chance... busted my arse got the clients to i needed for it... being i didn't finance it though but it put me down to the wire on cash flow...

and when i sold out... i got what i paid for it new lol
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