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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
It isn't accurate, and respectfully you should correct it if you are going to continue posting it.

Also, my "question" was designed to establish a point, a point that was apparently missed.

Please feel free to make any corrections you feel are Necessary with my blessing. I am in old guy mode and no longer as sharp as I once was.

If fact about a year ago I read a paper on Redox Potential and didn't understand a word the author was saying. Then I looked to see who wrote the paper, I wrote the paper 10 years ago. Remember I am 72 yr old now and the only thing Organic in my brain is Organic Brain Syndrome.

Happy Thanksgiving


I list the elements that make water at the very top of my list, which are Hydrogen and Oxygen. I also List Carbon which is the common bonding agent of all Organic matter.

Think Green

You missed the obvious clue. This is a 5 cent question.


"TG doesn't give a rats ass about being "Responsible" as long as sales/production quotas are met. That's it in a nutshell. A recipe for disaster IMO." Ted Putnam 2/28/14

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