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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
That is exactly the opposite of what the idea of burning up stored carbs in the Spring is all about... you are promoting the burning up of stored carbs becuz you want to force the plant to green up earlier than the environmental factors say so...
What is being said here is that we need to allow the plant to do what the life processes of the plant were designed to do... we don't improve the health of any living thing by imposing unnatural activities through the stages of its life cycle... the point being made is that using N to force early greenup is the same as using steriods to enhance performancein the moment

What happens to the bones and other bodily function to those who divert from the natural processes of healthy living and take steriods instead???
If it is too cold for KBG to greenup, then it's too cold... if N forces it unnaturally, then that is by definition unhealthy,,, IMO...
It is a subjective subject Smallaxe and I will not debate it.

Plants do have a hormonal balance and placing small amounts of available form Nitrate, when roots are growing is not the same thing as a dosing of Steroids. We are not applying a dose of gibberellic acid (plant steroid) to push top growth.

Prescription fertilization for enhancement as I perform for KB is done in moderation. It's not in high doses, rather it is "Spoon Fed" when the roots can take it up.

Late season fertilization does not need such high rates of Nitrogen as once prescribed by the University Professors.

We continue to learn and move forward, bridging the gap to a "Greener" lifestyle.
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