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The company I use is Im not exactly sure about a HR management company. From my experience with the PEO company that I use, again PEO being a Professional employer organization, they pretty much let us do all the hiring and training and they take care of the paper work. In reading it seems as thought the HR management helps with the training and employee selection, and they get more involved in helping your payroll needs when the PEO just collects the Hrs and money and sends the checks. When switching to the PEO we kept all of our same employees and they were hired through the PEO. The Employment Development Department here in California is made aware that we changed to that particular company. I have not had any problems with this company, when we get a letter from the state notifying us about child support or taxes owed from an employee, we send the form to SCI Companies and they take care if it and I have not received any follow up letters from the state requesting a response because no initiative was taken. We also had a employee with an injury, they were drug tested, sent to the Dr. and was out of work for about a month and the PEO took care of all the workers comp and told us what the process will be. I hope some of this does not come off as confusing. And some of the companies out there would not benefit from using a PEO. Our workers comp rating was really high and we did benefit from using one.
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