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picked up another scag vide and simplicity walk behind

just picked up another scag vride this one is a 48'' with 505 hours. sold the john deere 667 stander to buy this. i had 8 yards where i had to cut part with the 60'' and then had to use the 52'' to get to other areas i couldn't get the JD in.
also picked up a 34'' simplicity pace with a 17.5 B&S. its only 2 years old and still has the first original tank of gas (need to change that) he powerwashed it and tore some of the decals off, but there isn't a scratch under the deck and the nubs are still on the tire tread, also has 2 striping kits on it (roller right behind deck and the mud flap behind rear tires). he figured it only had 5-10 hours on it, and i believe it. only have 2 lawns where i need the mower, so its good fit for me
got it for $700 bucks
52'' Scag V ride
48'' Scag V ride
34'' Simplicity Pace
21'' Honda push mower
should be a good 2013 season
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Ford F150
6'6'' x 14' open trailer
5' x 9' open trailer
60''/28hp John Deere 757 zero turn
60'' John Deere 757 zero turn
48''/17hp John Deere 7H17 walk behind
22''/6.5hp Toro Personnal Pace push
19"/4hp Bluebird aerator
2 Echo trimmers, 3 blowers, 1 hedge trimmer
1 Husqvarna trimmer/edger/hedger/pole saw
14'' Stihl TS400 concrete saw
and a bunch of other crap a solo operator needs
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