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Originally Posted by Pietro View Post
Toro Z Master. Kubota D902 engine. 25XXX Hours. Turns over, but will not start. New fuel filters, full tank of fuel. I took it to the dealer. According to them..........

Compression is good. We tried to see if it would start on starting fluid to point at fuel system. Wouldnt start. They replaced all 3 injectors ($680) and it ran. I picked it up today, and mowed for about 25 minutes, the machine bogged down while on a SLIGHT incline, then turned off. Wont start again. Now its back in the shop. My question is. Do injector pumps work half azzed? I always thought they either work or they dont. The fuel lines were cleaned when injectors were done. Im kinda pissed off that I paid $680 for injectors and I am back where I started. Any ideas? Air filter is clean, and compression is it must not be getting fuel right? Help! Im going nuts.

Coupla thoughts: 1. NEVER use ether, on asian diesels. The piston tops are just too thin, to take the knock.

2. The # 1 problem I have seen, in years of experience, is the wrong fuel. gas mixed with diesel, water mixed with fuel, clogged diesel filters, too much Diesel 911 ( alcohol fuel drier) mixed with diesel. Go back to basics, if it isn't getting enough fuel, at the right time, check to see if it is getting too much, like a bleed off line back to the tank clogged, of crimped, if it has one.

3. As the dealer has repaired it once, he should fix his mistake!
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