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My experience has been with leaves it takes X amount of effort to remove Y amount of leaves and there is really no way around it you just have to get in there and do them, whether you rake them or blow them or tarp them or suck them or chop them up, doesn't matter, the easiest and fastest way to get them done is to get in there and do them.

The reason I say that is because the longer I wait, the harder it gets.
Rain, frost, snow, ice, procrastination, all of that only aggravates things, making the clean ups harder and harder as winter progresses.
So the sooner the better, right now is a very good time, knock them out, get them done, tough as it may sound but that is the easy way.

Not sure how you do things but in my world easy means profit, won't get rich doing it but more customers are willing to
pay less, so the faster it gets done the less they have to pay the easier I can make ends meet, the happier everyone is.

That having been said I like running over mine with the lawnmower once or twice, shreds them down to smaller bits... Still takes about as long to clean up but I find the wind plays less aggravating games with me, the smaller pieces some get lost in the turf meaning less to clean up, and the final pile is MUCH smaller (meaning more customers are likely to allow me to leave them in their yard, and if I have to haul them it takes less loads).

But ultimately it still takes what it takes.

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