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i'm gonna agree with darryl here and say if you have to remove the leaves, a ztr with a rear mount bagger bagger is probably one of best ways. I also have a leaf loader, and that is the answer for some lawns, but not all. mine is a giant vac 16hp works pretty good and i picked it up for only 1600 with a motor from 2009 on it and new impeller and considering they are 5000+ for new one i think 1600 is a pretty good price considering how much faster you can load a big quantity of leaves, and how much easier it is. The leaf plow is good for pushing piles to the curb if the town is going to take them away, or they are going into the woods.

also 160 a day sounds really really cheap for two guys, I just did a 160 dollar clean up with 2 guys plus myself on the cheetah with a bagger system and literally, I just had my two guys blow out the beds and I cut the lawn and I was done, took about 50 mins and I filled my 8ft bed full over the bed rails of shredded leaves, and pine needles, the crappy part is we have to unload it by hand still and that stuff is packed down good usually. but with 3 people we can unload it in 5 mins so its not too bad.
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