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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
That is the question we are discussing... when can the roots take it up in the cool soils of Fall and also Spring...

Do you believe that force feeding N at inappropriate times equals detrimental effects???

Think about the analogy of "High Energy Feed" for chickens... Does high energy feed influence the health of the organism...

We aren't even close to talking about gibberilin, but only using an analogy of how imposing contrary stimulations at the inappropriate time may indeed cause problems... best of all,,, is when there is a logical botanical reas on why...

I'm not looking for an arguement either,,, not at all... what would be cool is an in-depth discussion about what the OSU research was actually talking about... I may have to start a post on that article and see if there is an analysis that makes sense to everyone...

Talking about cool season turfgrass N uptake, so long as the soils are not frozen and the grass not yet dormant, my personal experience is their is a response to late season fert. Root, foliar or both is the question for the University Professors.

Too high a dose of Nitrogen at the inappropriate time Does has negitive effects.

I do not believe "spoon feeding" with a small available dose, and a response soon after would be malpractice on KB.

I always rather underapply Mineral Ferts than overapply. More times than not "less is more" in the overall turfgrass health, and there are other ways to enhance turfgrass color to be a darker green without such an impact on the enviornment in my opinon.

Where are the Professors to join in the discussion?

After all they were the ones who set the "Nitrogen bar so high" not so many years ago.

Many just followed their "cookie cutter" approach, and now it's frouned upon and even against the law here in New Jersey to apply those rates of Nitrogen.

Back in 2008 when the economy went south, some of us had to get creative with costs, yet still give clients results. I for one found a way before the Nitrogen restricting laws here in NJ to get the green with less.

K, S and Fe were some Key elements to help with my stratagy in 2009- present.

I am still using late season fertilization, but far less N in the mix.
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