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Yes, one backback on my chest and one on my back. The Husky 580 BTS goes on my back and the Shindaiwa EB630 on my chest. They counter balance eachother. The EB630 has a hip mounted throttle so I just keep the throttle pinned and hold the tube in my left hand. It does get a bit tiring on my left arm because I have to bend the tube backwards a bit because the handle is too far away otherwise, and it's hard to hold the tube without the handle. You do get some fumes in your face too, but that only makes it more fun. You can add in the wheel blower too, but you leave that stationary and use the backpacks to "feed' it. Using the wheel blower and a backpack at the same time is actually not hard. I put my left hand on the handlebar and the backpack blower tube is aimed under the handlebar...the wheel blower is skimming the leaves off the top and pitching them and the backpack is scouring. Works great, on level ground anyway.
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