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Originally Posted by orlawncaresvc View Post
Right on, I will get you a rough estimate together and present it to you soon. Do you know when you will be getting your truck? It would be nice if you could post or send me some pictures of it. It be a great help. I will be posting some new pictures of our truck so that if you like you can look at and let us know if you want certain things the same. For example, the tail lights. Will you want us to provide and install for you. Things like that. Another quick question for you, are there currently any trucks like this in your area?
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I have been looking for a truck but havent found anything i like. Theres one for sale with the deop down ramp but it needs a new engine and i dont want to get into all that. But i will send pics if i find something i like. And i would like you guys to intall all the tail lights etc.

Valley Crest and several other companies have trucks like that already but they pay a fortune for them.
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