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Originally Posted by newlymowedlawns View Post
I am going to buy a 100 gal skid sprayer this winter probably from Lesco to start out with so I can be ready for the spring. Do not want any new clients just take care of what I got. From what I have read it looks like I can maybe get 100,000 sq ft sprayed. Can anyone share what they spray for the first round in Febuary for Zone 7. This is going to be all new to me. Can I spray iron and lime also in the mix. Also if anyone has a thread with this info saved post the link please. Appreciate the help!
You can spray 100,000 sq ft from 100 gallons. However, it probably requires very accurate equipment like a pressure regulated boom instead of a single nozzle hand gun. I can tell you that iron and lime, usually do not mix. Both chemically and biologically. If you need to put down lime, that is normally due to acidic, low calcium soils. Iron is normally not a problem in acidic soils. If it is, you would do well to apply lime before or in turf dormancy and apply iron several times during the growing season. The do it all, be it all mixes are fraught with potential problems.
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