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Originally Posted by soloscaperman View Post
This is not good long term wise. I do agree with you about there are people better and others that are worse. This is mostly labor work which sadly is done by mexicans or meth heads that need a quick buck. I love the guys that say there the best when they weigh in at 300 pounds and sit home and do nothing. For a small to medium size customer base customer relationship is a very important foundation and in the long term you can use it at your advantage but don't use it in the wrong way.If you run a business like Apple then you know the customer doesn't want to hangout and talk or ask questions. The only time a customer like that talks is when the customer has a problem or a question and that's why there is a customer service number.

One of the reasons why large LCO's go out of business is that they don't build a strong relationship with the customer. For some reason in this kind of business most customer want to know you more or you should get to know them more because we see them once a week for a long period of time.
I disagree.

90% of my clients aren't even home when I service there property weekly so how is that seeing them once a week.

I have a lot of clients who have been with me for the short 6 years I've been in business so far and as I said 90% I have never even met or only met once when the estimate was done. all other communication has been on the phone, email or messages left on a machine.

the only time my clients contact me or talk to me is if they want something extra done or to reschedule or cancel a service. otherwise it's just me showing up weekly and invoicing at the end of the month through snail mail or email and receiving a check in the mail.

I can also disagree because personally I don't care to become friendly with the service workers that do work or would do work on my property. when the plumber comes I want him in and out as quickly as possible with as little conversation as possible. if I were to hire an LCO I would expect them to do there work weekly and get going.

my parents and me split the cost for maids to come bi weekly to clean the house. we either make it a point to be gone or hang out in an area of the house the maids aren't suppose to be because otherwise the maids that come won't shut up and seem to wanna be your friend instead of just coming, cleaning and leaving.

if I wanna make friends or become friendly with someone I'll use a website or go to a public place to meet people. as far as I'm concerned my clients are just the people who sign my check for the work I do for them. I don't wanna hear about there personal life and I don't tell them about mine.
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