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Originally Posted by Lazer_Z View Post
But what are you basing that statement on? Have you had a chance to do demo one for an extended amount of time or are you just going off of how it looks in pictures on the internet or in the video?

I could say that the Hurricane is overpriced and the larger model is just a glorified stander with a blower mounted on it. Is that a fair assessment on my part? no, because I've never used one.

There is a machine for everyone and I'm sure the F-Z will do well for Billy Goat and someone, hopefully on this Forum will purchase one and do an honest and in depth review of the unit.
You can just watch the video and see that its weak and doesn't blow that much air. I dont need to demo one to see that.

Also "Overpriced" is subjective, It might be for priced for you but not for me.
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