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Wow, long time since anybody posted here. Does that mean we have been wall-to-wall, using the great weather work days trying to finish?

I've not lost any time since two weeks ago last Friday (will be three weeks tomorrow). Right after the Sandy rainout for four day, nothing but wall-to-wall, until dark every day. The good news is all the time was productive, and I'm in great position with regard to getting all the work done. I have made last-cut on nearly all properties. I still have several that I'm waiting for final leaf drop - some late Maple, Bradford Pear, Sweet Gum.
Also, I have a couple of days of trimming work - all burning bush on a few properties. Also, I have one full day of cutting down many (and large) ornamental grasses.

The forecast for Friday does not look very good, Saturday looks very cold. Next week looks promising with days in the 40s, and not much rain. This is the best position I've ever been at this time of the year, usually with a long list of jobs yet to do. This long stretch of good working days has really been welcome.

Everybody else done, or nearly done?

I am not working today, but have so much other inside work to catch up this morning, and early afternoon. I'm worn to the bone, so need a bit of relief.
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