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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Depends on where you live. Most people (imo) arent going to want to pay for landscape maint services during the winter. That's why I do 6-7 month contracts for maintenance. I don't have any snow clients on a landscape maint program but I will next year. For the future, every client that wants maintenance services I will push strong to get them on a full service plan. We do irri start ups with maint & adjustment & replacement if needed. Irri winterization, 5 fert/weed control apps (I did 4 last yr but will be increasing that this year to 5), weekly mowing, spot spraying non selective herbicide in the beds, shrub trimming 2x yr. Spring clean up & dethatch, & a fall clean up. The fall clean up is done weekly or biweekly so the clean up process is easier. We only do 22-24 cuts in MN.

Btw, raise your mulch price! The lowest I go is $80/yard installed. No fabric either! It doesn't do anything for stopping weed growth.
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Haha I was just throwing numbers out, but ok I like that. I don't really want to be full service and do their furt n squirt too. I stay away from that and don't plan on getting licensed anytime soon but I guess I could offer straight fert n squirt to a lot more people broaden my work... Hmm interesting I like that.

Give a discount is they were to pay in full? And how did you set it up if they pay on the 1st it 15th of that service month? That sounds very good not waiting an extra half a month for money
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