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Originally Posted by Pietro View Post
Thats how we do it. I dont even offer haul away. The town does bulk pickup once a year. I just have my 2 workers blow the gardens out onto the lawn. Then I drive by on the 60 inch Z with the tripple bagger. Easy as pie!
We do have some commercial accounts and in the actual small town I live in we have to haul them away.

I got away with either just putting them at the curb, or just loading and stuffing into the truck and trailer, but we ended up getting enough clients the last couple of years to justify a leaf loader. Way easier on the back and body than loading leaves by hand.

Plant debris is where I'm ecstatic about having the loader. Though it's slower as you have to hand feed the plant material in to not over-load the loader, it still chops them up and makes short work of getting rid of them.

On top of it, the small town I live in out-side of Bloomington has to burn their leaves to get rid of them. We ended up offering curb-side pickup for those who wanted a different option over burning. We didn't charge much to help the community, just about a dollar a minute for each pile, but at least it helped to cover some of the cost of buying the loader this year as we got about 15 people to go for it out of 500 houses, and more people interested for it next year after they heard how cheap it was.
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