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Originally Posted by recycledsole View Post
for a solo guy it can be a timely operation and require a lot of energy. basically blowing them to the curb or an area that is not in use is no problem, but hauling them is difficult.
do any of you solo guys have a debris loader? if so, how do you manage that 250+lb piece of equipment by yourself? the only way i can see is to get a tow behind unit.
i agree with all others that the thread OP is charging too little. find a balance where it is still profitable for you, and your customers can agree to a fair price.

ok thanks
all the best
I'm solo, just bought leaf loader with no engine & watching CL for deal on engine to power it. My plans are to fab a tailgate bracket for my dump insert & mount this on trailer tounge. (Click link)

OP stated guys are doing for $45 & people in his area think $80 is expensive! Needs to find area to work with more disposable income!
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