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Originally Posted by C Jovingo Landscaping View Post
I'm solo, just bought leaf loader with no engine & watching CL for deal on engine to power it. My plans are to fab a tailgate bracket for my dump insert & mount this on trailer tounge. (Click link)

OP stated guys are doing for $45 & people in his area think $80 is expensive! Needs to find area to work with more disposable income!
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That or he needs to start marketing himself better. Regardless of any area you live in, you need to make sure your finding the clients that appreciate your services and what you can do. It's a slower growth business plan, but the pay-off is when you have a list of clients that pay, pay well, and your profiting comfortably for the time,effort, and investment in what you do.

Even being in the middle to upper end of the pricing spectrum for us, sometimes I still wonder if we are charging enough to compensate for the time and effort we've put into all of this. It's not easy work at all.

As for the loader. With just me and one other guy, I mounted the loader to the tongue of my equipment trailer in order to still pull a mower and equipment with us when doing cleanups. That and I didn't have to deal with a swing away mount on the truck bed, along with a tailgate mount that I would have to use my mini skid to take it on and off when going to unload the truck. Ultimately the trailer isn't tied up either, I just take the hose and stack off the loader if the trailer will get used for other things besides leaves.

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