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Originally Posted by turfcobob View Post
Have you spoken with our service department about this? Subaru has be very good in working with us and we are getting fast response from them. Also at the show we had the XT5 Subaru with a one gallon tank that is available as a kit that takes about a half hour to put on. Cost is for parts.
Back when I got it I made several attempts to contact service and after alittle over a 10 days I finally got someone. The responses I got were arrogant and bascially told me to take it up with Subaru instead of Turfco. Overall I'm not happy with the machine at all. Starting this engine basically smokes my back for atleast a day and thats pretty bad considering I have engines that are 3X bigger that I pull start with very little effort. I ended up only using the machine about 20 times before parking it in the garage and moving on. It would be nice to sell it but I doubt anyone local would buy it, most here run Plugr. In fact the bad luck I had with this machine was one of factors that lead me to give up the biz and get a day job. I can't dump $3K into a machine that is so hard starting you just give up using it.
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