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My yearly validation Post.

I think it was either SmallAxe or Kiril that posted their validation post, so here's mine.

Second of two hitching ledges on the property. This one was done entirely by hand as it sits over a 2500 gal brick septic tank. 3 tons of rock compacted every one inch. Anywhere from 14" of crushed rock behind the wall to 8" of rock in the sidewalk section.

In order to get the pavers flat, I used a heavy 8" x 8" hand tamper to flaten them, add poly sand, tamp again, add more poly, and tamp one more time.

The end sections where the old post sat, probably went down 3' into the ground. In order to not to disturb the sub grade and potentially collapse the tank, we left them in place and buried them behind the wall. Originally I was going to do a facia on these sections, but instead cut out the corners and kicked the wall out another 12" in order to not have to do any facia work and keep a solid complete wall.

Hitching post were on back-order, just came in yesterday. The plan is to drill through the cap, into the wall block and attach studs with construction adhesive. I'll post the photos with the post when it's done next week.

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