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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
I like how White Gardens has his loader mounted so the intake is facing out toward the curb. I see a lot of guys mounting them so it's facing toward the truck or trailer, requiring you to bend it 90 degress to use it, which makes them more prone to clogging.
Yes, huge advantage. I rarely get a clog, and if I do, it's because of shoving too much plant material in, or the random stick or two. Be even wet leaves and leaves in general never clog it.

That and the lower tongue on my trailer keeps the hose relatively flat to the curb, so no huge bend and I take full advantage of the 8' of hose.

Only disadvantage is that you always have to load leaves on the passenger side of the truck, but that's rarely an issue.

Keeping the loader off the tailgate and farther away from the truck also helps to keep any stray debris coming off the truck away from the motor and muffler. I've seen numerous times where this same style Lesco loader would potentially catch fire from leaf debris getting around the muffler.

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