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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
Per your's and others suggestion I quit using the usual pre's. It does seem I will have to go back to using some pre on certain bermuda lawns to fight the crab. I will begin using Gallery on higher end lawns with broadleaf pressure.

Did you quit using Simazine because you felt it prunes the roots? I didn't think it was that much of a root pruner?
I stopped because the DOA put that on their special restriction list. Otherwise, I had been using either that or atrazine as the main soil active herbicides for almost 20 years. A bad experience with Surflan taught me about using orange herbicides on warm season turf. Simazine or atrazine does not cause nearly the damage that an orange herbicide does. What else can safely be used over a newly plugged or sprigged St Augustine lawn.
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