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a bagger will make your leaf clean up go much quick, point and case; one of my lawns which i used to wait until every leaf is down to do a clean up used to take 3-3.50 hrs and i would charge 350 for the clean up and include a cut which is 50 dollars. This october i bought the 3 bag vac system for my scag and started bagging the lawn in october for an extra 15 dollars which i told the customer comes off the total price of the clean up. so i cut the lawn every week in october and sucked up whatever was on the lawn and once all the leaves were down i had a guy on a back pack blowing all the beds out and i just cut the lawn like normal, and it ended up taking about 1hr to do the clean which i went up 10 dollars on because they extended a small part of their yard, creating more lawn and a more beds to blow out but only about 5 more mins of work. so I ended grossing 300 per hour for that clean much better then last years 100 per hour, and I have quite a few lawns like this. so for me buying the bagger really has made a huge difference....I just did one last night for 160 took about an hour same deal except her leaves had to be hauled away. but her yard is much smaller and i had two guys working with that were less then A+ workers, but i was in a tight spot and needed help with a previous clean up that was much bigger. not all customers will pay top dollar for a clean up some are cheaper then others but if i can get close to 100hr on the low side i'll take on the job. especially if it means i get a new weekly mowing account and shrub pruning and mulch from that customer. Which i did in this case.
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