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Originally Posted by scotts lawn care View Post
I'll have to take some action shots of the vacuum in action in spring.

Yeah I hear you about a 1445 being large! But the front mount deck is so nice for underneath limbs, ect.

The hydro deck lift is great for swallowing large piles of leaves, -

Sometimes it helps also to slow the blades down to going into vacuuming a bunch of leaves. - also prevents the chute from clogging up as much.
Is yours a 60" or 72"? I know I read it at one time, but its hard to remember who has what. Not sure the chute or hose size of your trac vac, but on the cyclone rake I never really clog it, unless a stick gets stuck sideways. But then again, I don't have it on a front mount. Mine has a 60" by the way. Hard to bog it down on the beast, plus the fuel usage is the best.
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