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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
For the radius: I first used a post with a string line on it, and put a sharpie on the end of the line. In this case it was 18" from each strait section. Then mark the pavers.

Then I take each paver and cut with a cheap electric saw with a cheap blade. I use a clamp to attach it to my little custom table. The key is to start about 1/4"-1/2" away from the line so as you cut your radius, you will eventually meet up with your your original line.

Then, if I need to tweak the cut, I set the saw on my little table, holding the blade guard up, and start the saw. Then I just take the pave in hand and "grind" any section against the blade that I need to. Just have to be careful not to get your hand into the blade, and an angle grinder with a diamond blade is probably a better safer solution when tweaking your curve after doing the initial cutting.

The engraving in the cap was done locally by a shop that does monument and custom engravings on head-stones and and anything else such as rocks, boulders and pavers.

Geez your begging to get hurt, anyway is that a look out post or do you step down onto the lawn from there? I'm just curious as what the walk and space is used for is it to saddle up on horses? Keep up the good work.
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