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I just picked up a client, she has generated about 600.00 worth of work the last two months.

Her complaint with the last company. She would forget it was mow day and not leave a check so they would not mow. Lady has a very nice house, I say about 300K. She and her husband are your typical working middle class family. They are too busy to mow, lead active lives and are on the go.

I can not tell you how many times a prospect looks relieved when you say, I will bill you. give me your e-mail. You can print it and mail me a check, or pay on-line. I think ask the clients to use the IPN program.

I typically bill at the end of the month set up the terms to 15 days net.
Commercial, I bill mid-way through the service cycle but offer 30 days. IE I bill commercial on 15th of the month for that months service but offer 30 days net.

More and more commercial clients are going to ACH payment transfers. Some get me the check 15 days after service.

You will learn pretty quick how to tell a good client from a dead beat

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