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Originally Posted by T_S_S View Post
What are the details of the job? I work indoors in confined spaces with my machines and have a few good ways to vent the areas...
Removing soil from a partial stand up crawl space.. lowering floor and underpinning some foundation walls. Engineer says the soil (clay) is as hard as he's ever seen which makes the underpinning less complicated but getting the material loosened is more work. I have a few sections each about 4 yards - probably be doing a section every few weeks.

Did some checking and couldn't find a local source to rent an electric IHI. I had concerns about the capabilities of a tiny electric hoe anyway.. I could see the bucket scratching the surface of the clay and not getting a good bite due to the light weight and low power. I know the SDS-MAX spade bit on the hammer works but there is still a lot of manual labor involved.
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