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Originally Posted by rbljack View Post
I too have had problems estimating jobs correctly, and got stuck on a 2 day leaf clean up and lost money in the end because I didnt charge enough.
Hate when that happens! My worst was a job I did for free my first year cuz my supplier messed up on the price list they handed out. It was for my wifes step sister so I also gave her cheaper price. I filled in hole in back yard where a pool was removed. Supplier had a fill dirt on my price list at like $8/yd. They failed to put on the price list that you had to get semi load(over 40yds I think it was). They had other materials on list that stated you had to get semi load to get that price. I ended up paying double for material & I also under estimated amount of material needed to fill the hole. The material ate up what I bid the job at with abt $20 left. I guess I did lose money considering operating costs like fuel, ins, taxes, etc. Hind site I should have spoke to manager at supply yard & got the $8 price for their mistake since I bid the job using their price list! SMH
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