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Originally Posted by White Oak View Post
i have found a dump truck that i like. It is a 1986 international s1600, crew cab, with (i think) a 10 foot dump bed.7.3l , I talked to the seller about the weight. He said its under CDL and the only weight he could give me was the shipping weight. the shipping weight is 6,595lbs. Im sure thats without the dump bed. the one thing i cant figure out is, can it pull my 26 foot enclosed trailer(10,000 GVWR)legaly in vriginia. i dont want to have to deal with the whole CDL thing. Thanks for any help.
YES. The truck is under CDL and the 10k trailer is under CDL as well.

Originally Posted by tnmtn View Post
the combined weight of the truck and trailer would be over 26,000# which would require a cdl.
Originally Posted by CLT View Post
I have this same truck pretty much. You will need a cdl because your combined gvwr is over 26000lbs, with a 10k trailer you'll be over.
Can either of you show us why or where it says one needs a CDL for a combo over 26k alone? Without the trailer being over 10k.

Originally Posted by CLT View Post
Class b cdl to tow the trailer that is
That is just ignorant.

Originally Posted by DQL10 View Post
All I can say is to call the dmv or highway patrol to find out. I always thought in VA you would only need a cdl for length requirments. But I have no need for one as I dont have anything bigger than a 16ft trailer.
Length virtually means nothing here.

Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes
Your argument falls flatter than a 3 day old roadkill squirrel.
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