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Originally Posted by Turf Dawg View Post
Do they have a air containment/anti blowout kit for the vx4 deck? I put one on my 08 66" xr7 deck and there is next to no blow out even with the discharge cover on.
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I honestly don't know, maybe someone else will answer this question.

The VX4 has an adjustable from inner wall which is supposedly used to create more or less suction, there is an "A-B-C" setting, the deck comes set from the factory in the "B" position. I've seen posted where people have dropped this inner wall into the "A" position, but their complaints stated they were hitting objects because of the inner wall now being below the front skirt of the deck itself, and this was causing the adjustable wall to be bent and banged up.

I am not going to the trouble of raising a mower the size of this Super Z into the air, then crawling underneath the deck to make this adjustment a couple times a year for a few leaves, I'll just jump on the old mower and take care of the problem.

When I say "old mower," I just replaced both hydraulic pumps and wheel motors, installed a new Kohler 28 efi engine, replaced the electric clutch, replaced all blade spindles, all idler pulleys, relays, hoses, and wiring. This work was done this month, so I guess you could really call it my "old/new" mower.
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