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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
So now that the in-depth commentary has been superficially addressed, perhaps there is something else that could be gleaned from the article... perhaps something that is more relevant than the grass being green, in Oct-Dec!!!

Then,,, comparing warm-season to the article,,, great forum response from what kind of people???
People who really like to throw off the real concept behind an article ,,, because they can't understand the simple meaning of a sentence and how it ties to other sentences,,, but arrogantly calls everyone who doesn't fit into his tiny mental arena,,, incapable of understanding the written word... what an unfunny JOKE...

OSU researched the entire season of winter dormancy and figured out the grass should be green and that's the signal for more fert assimilation and photosynthesis!!!
Talk about shallow and lame!!!
If you have all the answers Axe then why did you start the thread? Perhaps because you feel the need to get on your typical soapbox like above? FYI, time and time again I have tried to have an "intelligent" discussion with you, with the end result being you getting on a soap box about universities and people with an education live in a box .... or per this thread have a "tiny mental arena". You wonder why I give you a hard time ..... read your post above to get an idea of one of the reasons.

The article is crystal clear and it need NOT be inaccurately dissected by you. There is no need to "read between the lines" here. If you want intelligent discussion on a subject then learn the subject matter before you post.
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